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The Kalamna Team (previously Ahlan! Arabic)

6 hours ago

Happy World Water Day 2019! To celebrate, why not watch this wonderful episode of the popular children's show Bakkar about the importance of saving water - it's a favourite in our house!💦

شاهد الان الحلقة الاولي من مسلسل الكارتونى بكار 2016 3D

21 hours ago

Happy Egyptian Mother's Day!

Egypt celebrates Mother's Day on Match 21. It is a common belief that the tradition of Mother’s Day began in the West, originating from Greek and Roman spring festivals. But in fact, the first ... See more

21 hours ago

Great tips from MultilingualParenting.com via Maktabatee!

One of the biggest struggles for us in trying to give our kids an immersive Arabic experience is to simply speak Arabic on a day to day basis. Many times, we just resort to our comfort zone, which in ... See more

1 day ago


ما هو أسوأ كابوس يمكن أن يحدث لتلميذة في المدرسة؟

اعتقدت نورة ان كوابيسها التي تحلم بها عن ... See more

2 days ago

Our book of the week! Read in class on Sunday and all the kids had a good giggle at the wonderful illustrations 🍉❣️

As the weather slowly warms up, we are dreaming of our favorite outdoor activities accompanied by our favorite summer snack, watermelon 🍉 !

Do your kids pick up a book to peruse even if they ... See more

5 days ago

K-pop fans rejoice! Brilliant video, a must watch 🎶

3 daqat went to kpop town and it's so cute.

6 days ago

It is common for bilingual families to ignore their mother tongue in order to help their children master English. Unfortunately in the long term it is less helpful, and bilingual children gain ... See more


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Here is one of our Arabic untranslatable word of the day! #ArabicLanguage #LearningLanguages #untranslatable #Arabic

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Rami, the Oscars and Identity

We have all watched with immense pride the historic moment that Rami Malek accepted his award for Best Actor on the renowned Oscars stage. What stood out most for me was his candid acceptance speech, in which he explained his Egyptian heritage and subsequent struggle...