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The Kalamna Team (previously Ahlan! Arabic)

2 days ago

Fabulous new game from Daradam needs your support! Preorder now - we have!

Plus de 50 pré-commandes en 4 jours!
J'ai des larmes au yeux en lisant vos commentaires sur le site de la campagne de financement participatif et je suis impressionnée de voir autant de monde ... See more

1 week ago

Does your toddler love to sing and play? How about doing it with a group of Arabic speakers? A great chance to learn and mingle - our toddler group starts on 5 May! Register now to secure your place!

Loving reading people's top picks for #WorldBookDay - can't pick just one so here are our top 5! https://t.co/aYqfLRHoVH #اليوم_العالمي_للكتاب_وحقوق_المؤلف

Merci 🙏🏼 aux 38 premiers contributeurs qui ont commandé 70 jeux pour participer au lancement de Vokalimat! #vokalimat #daradam #apprendrelarabe #arabe #coursdarabe 👉 https://t.co/taFn9Igz1R

Enjoying the sunshine and still time to book onto our #Arabic class Masterclass 😎 Learn how to set up a modern, successful Arabic class or group using our unique approach near you! https://t.co/IVxQCdCmvh @SaussanK

A lovely project! Consider making a donation? Or maybe you have an old instrument in search of a second life, which you could give away? https://t.co/szN5j2ufiy

What does #KindBook have in common with #Ramadan? In Ramadan we do Kind things! So we will be using the book in class for ideas for daily Kind deeds during #Ramadan Thank you @threepeasinapot #AxelScheffler @alisonlikescake @NickSharratt1 @MrSteveAntony @BChaplinDewey

Here it is! Our new photo competition to find images reflecting what languages mean to you. Closing date 30 April - so get snapping! Full details at https://t.co/f46mQtm0xy @meits_owri

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International Children’s Book Day

It’s International Children’s Book Day and it has got me thinking - we complain so much about the lack of good-quality Arabic children’s books when in fact my journey has led me to many excellent ones! There is room for so much more but to date, here are our 5 top...

On integrating Islamic culture into school curricula

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the first Teacher Training Workshop held at the Cambridge University Centre of Islamic Studies. The aim of the workshop is to help teachers in mainstream education to incorporate information on Islamic influences in day to day teaching materials.

Rami, the Oscars and Identity

We all watched with immense pride the historic moment that Rami Malek accepted his award for Best Actor on the renowned Oscars stage. What stood out most for me was his candid acceptance speech, in which he explained his Egyptian heritage and subsequent struggle with his identity growing up.