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Kalamna, meaning ‘our words’ in Arabic, connects children with their Arabic heritage. We provide spoken Arabic language classes for children and adults in Cambridge, UK, and Masterclasses to help you set up Arabic classes in your area.

Why choose Kalamna?

We believe we've found the magic formula for children to love learning Arabic! We play, laugh and learn in our classes, which helps children develop a love for Arabic language and culture.

And if you are looking for other professional, bilingual, Arabic-speaking families to connect with, you've found your tribe! We hold regular social gatherings and events for families to come together and enjoy.

Arabic classes

Focus on learning spoken Arabic in a positive environment


Learn how to set up your own classes using our magic formula

Social events

Come together with other professional bilingual families

We’re hiring!


We are currently looking for teachers to run two classes on Sunday mornings:

Stage 1 our parent and child group for ages 0-3 at 10.15-11am

Stage 2  for 6-11 year olds on Sundays mornings

For further details please visit our recruitment page and contact us at hello@kalamna.org

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What are your top #Arabic children's books? A firm favourite of ours is The Watermelon by @AlSalwaBooks about Noura and her love of watermelon. We can SO relate 🍉

Question for archivists/historians or anyone in the know...what is the most user friendly archive for accessing #Arabic #Medievalmanuscripts?

What's the Eid greeting in your country?
Egypt 🇪🇬 kol sana wenta tayeb/wenty tayeba كل سنة وانت طيب/وانتي طيبة
Algeria 🇩🇿 Eidkom Mubarak عيدكم مبارك
UAE 🇦🇪 Eidak/Eidij mubarak عيدك مبارك

Our simple, hassle-free (delicious) way to celebrate #EidAlAdha with kids. #EidAdhaMubarak https://t.co/hF0cQLGTx9

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Eid al-Adha celebrations

How do you celebrate Eid al-Adha with children? Living in the UK, I try to make Eid as festive as possible at home and in class. One of the things we do every year is make sheep cupcakes. It has become a tradition for us and kids love it! Here are my 3 simple steps...

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International Children’s Book Day

It’s International Children’s Book Day and it has got me thinking - we complain so much about the lack of good-quality Arabic children’s books when in fact my journey has led me to many excellent ones! There is room for so much more but to date, here are our 5 top...

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On integrating Islamic culture into school curricula

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the first Teacher Training Workshop held at the Cambridge University Centre of Islamic Studies.
The aim of the workshop is to help teachers in mainstream education to incorporate information on Islamic influences in day to day teaching materials.

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Rami, the Oscars and Identity

We all watched with immense pride the historic moment that Rami Malek accepted his award for Best Actor on the renowned Oscars stage. What stood out most for me was his candid acceptance speech, in which he explained his Egyptian heritage and subsequent struggle with his identity growing up.

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