Join our Kalamna Classes which cater to an ever-growing body of students!

Our Classes

In addition to our in-person classes in Cambridge, Newcastle and Manchester in the UK, we have plenty of online classes to cater to different ages and geographical regions in terms of timings and term dates. Find one that suits you or email us at to start one for your community.


Laying the foundations
Building the child’s vocabulary and general language awareness.
Language basics
Introducing the alphabet, our building blocks for Arabic literacy.
Learning to read
Decoding the language using Kalamna Phonics™.
Advancing literacy & oracy skills

Applying reading, writing and conversational skills to practical situations.

Focus on fusHa

Preparing for formal Arabic tests and more.


Early foundations
Storytelling and singing to learn the religion basics.
Islam & Life
learning more about the Prophet (PBUH) and the early days of Islam


One-on-one online classes tailored to your learning goals and needs.


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